What's the IML

In-mold label is also known as a new label packing form which is different from conventional direct screen printing, heat shrinkable labels, self-adhesive labels. With the development of  business trade, more and more customers and merchants are increased their focuses on the appearance of commercials. So exquisite merchandise label will undoubtedly raise the grade of commodities and make it more attractive. Generally speaking, merchandise labels can be divided into several kinds as follows: pressure-sensitive label, shrinkage labels, self-adhesive labels and In-mold labels and so on. In-mold label, as a new decorating method for plastic container which has a lot of advantages and attracted the attention of many industries, such as medicine, food, daily chemistry cosmetics, toys and drinks, etc. In-mold decoration of non-packaging plastic products has become a very popular method of product enhancement that has replaces pressure-sensitive labels, shrinkage labels and self-adhesive labels. Now a day many well-known companies such as Nestle, Procter&Gamble, Kimberley, Unilever are all actively support in-mold labels.

The so-called in-mold label is no peeling layer and can be molding at once, during the molding process the label or appliqué will directly embedded in the inner wall of container and make it integral one, then waiting for entering filling line directly. The material of in-mold label often use thin film and plastic, and they not only can make labels more attractive ,but also improve labels’ abrasion resistance, high temperature-resistance, and water-proof, moisture-proof, etc.

The advantages of IML

In-mold label, a promising new labeling technique, which meets the need of social development has swept popular in some foreign countries for many years. In recent years , although only a few of companies in china mastered the In-mold labeling technique also has got a certain development.

Why in-mold labels can attract so many insiders’ eyes, the several reasons are as follows:


1). The conventional decorating label for containers like pressure-sensitive label, shrinkage label and self-adhesive label all have next process, while the IML process eliminates the labeling step and all associated equipments and labor cost.

2). The in-mold label has greater advantages in freedom design and creativity. Its design can range from all kinds of planar to 360 packages ,it can be three faces, four faces, five faces, and even eight faces. The shape of label can also be a rectangular ,circle and belt round square and so on. IML used in Yogurt boxes, juice bottles and series of irregular container can have a good decorative effective and can be easily realized full decoration for containers.

3). IML can improve the barrier, water-proof, moisture-proof of containers.

4). The material of IML is similar with container ,so is easy for recycling, thus can lower the cost and improve the value of products.

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