automobile mould makers in Huangyan

There are almost 100 mould factorys who make automobile mould .

OEM Brand :  JCL mould , Xingtai Mould, Jindian Mould, Saihao Mould, Taoshi Mould, Zhenli Mould, Xiangan Mould,Zhunchi Mould

Auto Mould Maker for Market:

Anomould, Bexmould,Bestmould,Dongtaixing Mould, Chengtai mould, Dazhuo Mould, Huamei Mould,hengda mould, jihao mould, Tianhui Mould,Jija mould, Kaihao mould,Maorong Mould,Qiming Mould,Sanpu Mould,Tiansheng Mould,Xiyuan Mould,xinyi mould,yongming Mould.

Removable in mould label has been developped

When we speak of in mould label,one of the advantages is it can’t be removable. But recently a UK company has developed a kind of plastic label that can be removabel.This company has developed a completely removable in mould label. The advantage of this kind of  in mould label is to increase PP recycling rates in the U.K. The ability to recycle natural/clear or white polypropylene to its original state displaces the use of virgin resin in consumer product packaging for color-sensitive applications, providing a commercial value for all stakeholders. Removable in mould label can be molded at standard dwell times and temperatures and therefore has no impact on molding processes. The plastic  label performs in moist, chilled, damp or microwave conditions.


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Plastic label process steps

Cut material — in print — ink dry fixed — paste  protective film — red positioning holes — thermoforming — shear peripheral shape — material injection molding
Specifically described as follows:
1) cutting materials: cut into roll film Film has designed a good-sized square block for printed with the molding process.
2) flat-screen printing: according to the requirements of the icon, the text manufacturing into Philippine shelterbelts, cutting good film Film square block print icon text.
3) dry ink fixed: Film of the printed film square placed in a high temperature oven drying, the purpose is fixed plastic label ink.
4) paste protective film: avoid red smudging process of positioning holes printed film Film surface, sometimes required to affix a single-layer or double-layer protective film.
5) the red positioning hole hub of quasi: thermoforming positioning hole. The positioning holes of the shearing process and sometimes also prior to punching.
6) Thermal molding (high pressure or copper mold): the printed film was heated using high pressure machine or copper mold after molding in the preheated state.
7) Cut peripheral shape: the waste of forming a good three-dimensional film cut off.
8) material injection molding: exactly the same film after
forming in front of three-dimensional shape on the former
model, injection molding plastic label finished.

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OPP label—A Way To Cut Packaging Costs

It an age-old business concern: Finding the right strategy to maximize a food company investments by streamlining costs and increasing the bottom line.

OPP label

But it not necessarily the most obvious strategies that support cost containment and allow growing food companies to expand their businesses. As food companies consider their packaging choices, they should also keep in mind the unforeseen advantages and disadvantages of working with a supplier well into the future.

in mold labeling

OPP label. When it comes to labeling a food product, having the ability to do it in-line often proves to be more cost effective than using printed films. OPP Labels — top, bottom or side — often have a higher impact and better print quality. Expensive printed films can sometimes add excessive and unnecessary costs to a packaging operation. With OPP labels, multiple food product lines are easier to accommodate with relatively little effort.


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