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Let's compare IML to other competing labeling techniques.

In-mold labeling is very different from other labeling methods, and that difference begins before the container is formed. At the front end of the molding cycle, just after the previously formed container is ejected from the mold, In-mold labels are inserted into the mold before it closes.

There they wait for the plastic to be blown or injected into the mold, embedding the labels into the wall of the container during the molding process and displacing container resin equal to the volume of the label, about 15%by weight.

There’s the big difference In-mold labels are in the wall of the container. All others are glued onto the outer surface of the container.

That 15% resin savings is a good place to start keeping score of the sustainability list. Only IML allows the molder to light-weight a container while at the same time reinforcing its side walls.

How labeling techniques differ

Pressure –sensitive labeling

For p-s labeling, the container is molded, followed by, in some cases, flame treating before the application of the p-s label. This post-mold operation requires additional equipment, including the flame treaters and labelers, as well as extra labor, floor space, and operating utilities.

The release liner remaining from the p-s labels must be recycled, incinerated, or buried in a landfill.

Functionally, p-s labels can have good graphics, but they are subject to defects on the container, such as flagging, wrinkling, and puckering. Container recycling can be done easily if the label is made of the same material as the container.

Heat transfer label

This is another labeling method that competes with IML. Here again this post-mold operation requires flame treaters and labeling machines plus labor, floor space, and utilities, as well as release liner, which requires recycling or disposal. Heat transfer labels are subject to wrinkling, especially in larger size, and not as durable as in-mold labels. Heat transfer graphics generally are not as good as the photographic quality of IML or p-s.

Shrink sleeves label

This technique increasingly is favored for small-to medium-sized bottles of laundry detergent, fabric softener, and personal care products. Shrink sleeves provide 360-deg, high gloss graphics but require considerably more film material than either an in-mold or p-s label because of their overall coverage.

A label sleeve is placed over the bottle before it travels through a heat tunnel to shrink the sleeve onto the bottle. This heat tunnel and associated conveyor are additional equipment that requires electricity and gas for operation.

Recycling of shrink-sleeved bottles is questionable unless the sleeve and bottle are know to be of the same plastic material.

In-mold labeling

This method is quite different in its simplicity. Most new injection or blow molding machines already are equipped with the label magazines, label placement automation, and label pinning equipment required for IML. At the start of the molding cycle, the label-handling robotics pick up die-cut labels form the label magazines and place them in the open mold where they are held in position against the mold wall by either static electricity or vacuum ports.

The mold closes, and the container resin is blown or injected into the mold. The hot resin fuses and encapsulates the label into the wall of the container. Then the mold opens, and the in-mold labeled container is ejected, ready to receive product.

Which of these choices is the most sustainable? You might be surprised to learn IML is the most sustainable labeling method, not for what it does not have.

Consider this list of items that IML decoration does not need:

Post-mold flame treaters

Post-mold labeling machines

Utilities, such as electricity and gas, to operate those machines

Additional wet or hot melt glue

Extra labor to operate the labeling machines

Extra floor space for the labeling madhines

Release liner to recycle, incinerate, or bury in a landfill

In fact, an in-mold labeled container pops out of the molding machine eith its label already embedded into the wall of the container. Nothing more is needed to make this container ready for filling with product.

All of the other labeling methods must glue a label onto the surface of a molded container in an additional post-mold operation before it goes to the filler or after it is filled with product. Furthermore , most of them requires less expenditure of energy, labor, and non-renewable resources than any other competing labeling process.

What's the IML

In-mold label is also known as a new label packing form which is different from conventional direct screen printing, heat shrinkable labels, self-adhesive labels. With the development of  business trade, more and more customers and merchants are increased their focuses on the appearance of commercials. So exquisite merchandise label will undoubtedly raise the grade of commodities and make it more attractive. Generally speaking, merchandise labels can be divided into several kinds as follows: pressure-sensitive label, shrinkage labels, self-adhesive labels and In-mold labels and so on. In-mold label, as a new decorating method for plastic container which has a lot of advantages and attracted the attention of many industries, such as medicine, food, daily chemistry cosmetics, toys and drinks, etc. In-mold decoration of non-packaging plastic products has become a very popular method of product enhancement that has replaces pressure-sensitive labels, shrinkage labels and self-adhesive labels. Now a day many well-known companies such as Nestle, Procter&Gamble, Kimberley, Unilever are all actively support in-mold labels.

The so-called in-mold label is no peeling layer and can be molding at once, during the molding process the label or appliqué will directly embedded in the inner wall of container and make it integral one, then waiting for entering filling line directly. The material of in-mold label often use thin film and plastic, and they not only can make labels more attractive ,but also improve labels’ abrasion resistance, high temperature-resistance, and water-proof, moisture-proof, etc.

The advantages of IML

In-mold label, a promising new labeling technique, which meets the need of social development has swept popular in some foreign countries for many years. In recent years , although only a few of companies in china mastered the In-mold labeling technique also has got a certain development.

Why in-mold labels can attract so many insiders’ eyes, the several reasons are as follows:


1). The conventional decorating label for containers like pressure-sensitive label, shrinkage label and self-adhesive label all have next process, while the IML process eliminates the labeling step and all associated equipments and labor cost.

2). The in-mold label has greater advantages in freedom design and creativity. Its design can range from all kinds of planar to 360 packages ,it can be three faces, four faces, five faces, and even eight faces. The shape of label can also be a rectangular ,circle and belt round square and so on. IML used in Yogurt boxes, juice bottles and series of irregular container can have a good decorative effective and can be easily realized full decoration for containers.

3). IML can improve the barrier, water-proof, moisture-proof of containers.

4). The material of IML is similar with container ,so is easy for recycling, thus can lower the cost and improve the value of products.

"Source Of Colour" specialized in product In-mold label

  • Taizhou Source Of Colour New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a new high—tech company, located in the mould town of China ___Taizhou. Taizhou is the central of Zhejiang gold coastline, it has convenient transportation, beautiful environment, developed private enterprises, deep and rich cultural heritage. Our Company covers an area of 14,000 square meters, production workshop building area of 20,000 square meters, we have a scientific company management, strong professional quality of workers,also adhering to the principle of “people-oriented, respect for the customers”, fully use relevant resources and a full range of marketing strategies and service support ,then providing professional IML system solutions for our customers.
  • Our company pays a lot attention to the investment of production equipment and the transformation, also continuously strengthening technical innovation. We have invest a huge sum of money to introduce a lot of imported production equipments, such as high-speed coating machine, wide width computer printer, automatic die-cutting equipment, on-line inspection machine, etc. specialized in manufacturing a variety of high-end IML.
  •  IML is widely used in a variety of sealed containers like food, beverages, paint, also widely used in surface decoration of household plastic products. IML is also a new type of packing material, suitable for all kinds of plastic raw materials, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, etc. The highlights of IML are high production efficiency, short cycle, convenient, pollution-free, automatic production and low labor cost. After the completion, our expected monthly production is120 tons and can produce a variety of labeling 5,000,000 pieces.
  • Quality is the life of enterprises, so we implement the total quality management system, strictly to the every links of standard running and product testing system to ensure the needs of customers. Our company speeds up the pace of technical transformation, adhere to the strategy of technology and quality innovation, strengthen the advanced application technology development and promotion, persistes the science and technology and quality innovation strategy, intensifies the advanced application technology development and promotion, makes the new technology achievements of domestic and foreign transfer into practical productive forces; Advanced technology, sophisticated equipment to provide a strong guarantee for the production of high-quality products, also significantly improve the competitiveness of the industry. Realizing the products’ high technology content and high added value and reveal the special flavor of brand “Source Of Colour”.
  • Inheritanting historical classic, leading modern fashion, continuous development are our eternal pursuit. New start, new opportunities, and new achivements, Source Of Colour sincerely hope to cooperate with you by heart to heart, hand in hand, and create a better future.

Plastic Mould – Jinnuo Mould Co., Ltd.

Plastic mould supplier-Jinnuo Mould Co., Ltd.

JINNUO MOULD CO.,LTD is professional plastic mould supplier in china,  established in 2003, but our engineers and workers have more than 10 years experience in mould area. JINNUO MOULD is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds of plastic mould.

The main injection mould we manufacture are as follows:

1. plastic mould for home appliance parts, such as TV front cover, TV rear cover, Display cover, Air-conditioner or Refrigerator’s plastic parts, Washing machine part ;

2. Plastic mould for Household Commodity Series, such as Plastic Chair, Plastic Table, Baby Tub, Plastic Basin, Flower Pot, Plastic Container, Shopping Basket, Laundry Basket, Plastic Box;

3. Plastic mould for Logistic Series, such as Crate, Wastebin, Plastic Pallet;

4. Plastic mould for Automobile Series, such as Auto inner parts, Bumper, Instrument Panel, Door Plate, complete sets of Motorcycle parts and so on.

plastic mould

We have established a long business relationship with a lot of famous companies, such asICS, BM, EKKEL in Italy, Allibert in France, Pelican in Canada, Videocom in India. Our plastic mould are mainly exported to the countries in Europe, America, Mid-East and so on.
Our company has the most advanced equipments for plastic mould manufacturing as well as the most qualified trained employees. We have made full use of high techniques as CAD/CAM/CAE for a long time and summarized a set of specific experience. All the moulds supplied by our company with the following features: high precision, long life, short delivery time, reasonable price, satisfactory service. We have an excellent reputation and high credit for these reasons.

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China Chair Mould

China chair mould

China Jinnuo Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic chair mould manufacturer.

china chair mould

If you want to buy chair mould, you can contact us. Jinnuo is the professional and Jinnuo will consider the following points for you befor making:

1.running cycle time

2. run short guarantee

3.parting line finish is good or not? if there’s any sharp.

4.wall thcikness is even or not.

5.make chair mould with less weight but strong enough.

6.how about the stackable?

7.how makethe air venting on the backrest?

8. How to keep your chair mould finishing long-lasting?

9.How to solve the melt line from the obvious plane?

10. If need air assistance, in order to decrease the weight and maintain max. strength.

Pls feel free let me know if you have any question in the chair mould.

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