Keys to Make a Good Plastic Bottle

There is no doubt that preform has played an important role in the plastic bottle making. As a semi finished product of plastic bottle, preform mould maker have to consider much aspects, not only its quality, shapes and raw materials, but also the convenience of transportation.

And because of this, some powerful plastic bottle manufactures prefer to purchase bottle preform for processing. And it should be remembered that most professional manufacturers adopted this processing method.        

The production of preform should following the standardized process, and it can be differentiated by size, gram weight and raw material. Preform can be transparent or opaque, with different colors.

 That is to say, great efforts should be made to improve the quality for preform. Only high quality preform can help create a qualified plastic bottle.

What’s the Challenge of Preform Mould Industry?

The basic requirement of preform mould products are made free from any defect or flaw. There is no doubt that “quality first” is a fundamental principle that guide the much aspect of preform mould’s production. Even though the products we see around us are made of plastics, they are could still be strong and long-lasting.

Second important is the uniqueness of preform mould products. Generally speaking, each manufacturing project has its own shapes and sizes. With the help of preform mold technology, this plastic has been shaped in a most suitable treatment.

For buyers, whether it could delivery products on time is also an important judgment on factory selection. No matter how perfect your product is, you have to face a lot of trouble if you are failure to ship the goods in time.

Choose the Right Preform Mould Maker

It won’t be easy to find an appropriate preform mould maker in an unfamiliar place.

Firstly, you should have a good knowledge of the characteristics of raw materials and technologies in preform mould industry.

Then you should have a clear idea of the preform mould makers, and choose the most suitable one based on current understanding.

Last but not least, for you-the user, or maybe a distributor, the design ideal shall be stick to, and figure out which one is the best to carry out your ingenious construction.

Yes, today’s preform mould technology is gradually mature, various kinds of caps that in different designs and colors. Everything would be just fine if you could find a good preform mould maker.

Challenges To Preform Mould Maker

How to design a best quality product within a budget limitation is a big problem for today’s perform mould maker.    

 As we all see, most Mineral Water Brands require a specific design and color to consistent with their public image. Yes, the custom design has become popular in today’s production activities.

When it considered the customization demand, the material is also different. Some materials are more expensive for its superiority in some aspect. Meanwhile, high quality machine is the basis to produce perfect products.        

Whether the high quality products or the machine, the ultimate goal is to make the customers have a good impression on their products, that they could survive and development in the intense market competitiveness.

What is high quality preform mold?

High quality preform mold :

1, the cavity number of preform from a one to one out of forty-eight;

2, the preform mold using computer simulation tensile test design to improve the rate of finished products of blowing bottle.

3, with two of the world’s most advanced double-taper positioning technology, each cavity self-locks independently, ensure that the die concentricity.

4, the mold  injection cavity and injection core selection of German original factory preheating processing high-quality special steel mold manufacturing.

5, international standard thread manufacturing, Material selection of imports of nitrided steel, high hardness, long service life.

6, advanced hot runner design, uniform heating temperature can improve the quality of plastic products.

7, shear free gate, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

8, die life assurance in 2 million times


Three Details Need to Pay Attention to the Maintenance of PET bottle blower

Here are the three details you need to pay attention to the maintenance of PET bottle blower .

First, do not remove the bottle  from  mold.

Second, always stuck when feeding the PET bottle blower: This is a more difficult problem, from the experience point of view if the preform(embryo) the length of the longer cut the weight of large, then this phenomenon is relatively small.

Third, the PET bottle blower‘s feeding place not working :  need to check everal conditions:   the hopper is out of material, and if it is, need to feed quickly, if not, check the elevator control deviceis in contact with energized, if it is energized ,  quickly check whether the electric motor and load status, because this situationis mostly caused by the preform  stuck, then the easiest way is to help improve by hand . If the theelevator control contactor is not energized, check the preform electric eye detect whether the reflector is not in the same straight line.


Features of Good Cap Mould

As we all know, cap mould is widely supplied in our daily life. There are many types of cap moulds such as mineral water cap mould, beverage cap mould, 5 gallon cap mould, theft proof cap mould, shampoo cap mould,oil cap mould, sport cap mould, cosmetics cap mould, wine cap mould and so on.

Good cap mould feature

1. Adopt imported P20, 2316 etc, steel.
2. Hot runner is designed advanced and reasonably, each cavity heat controlled independently, temperature uniform.
3. Each cavity and core have independent cooling system, shorten production period.
4. Cavity can be changed, convenient to change remark of the cap.
5. The life of mould is more than 2 million times.
6. As clients’ request, design and make various specification of cap mould according to the various bottles mouth。
cap mould

How to Make Buyers to Choose You As Mould Supplier.

Your strengths lead you to the right potential customers. There are hundreds of thousandsof mold suppliers spreading over China, among which only a few have their specialties.Purchasing people have many ways to find their right mold maker. One way is to sort out byterritory, ShangHai for automotive molds, ZheJiang big molds, ShenZhen, precision and high quality molds, DongGuan electronic Molds. Nonetheless, it doesn’t always mean you cannot find good automotive mold makers in Shenzhen, and price favorable mold makers there. Another ways is to find by the mold types. When they go online and pick your cherry up, but finally kick you out. Isn’t a real tragedy? You are almostclose to them, despite that you have the similar machine tool capabilities and CAD/CAMsoftware systems. Because you don’t offer anything to their interest and to theirrequirements, customers will give priority to those who have real strengths to theirexpectation. Your differences come into play a key role then.

Knowing what your company is good at can help sales persons do marketing better. Salespersons are not knowledgeable enough about mold making technologies; they often call their companies good and reliable mold makers, with no conscious of their real strengths. What make your company outstanding for sales? Do you have any specialties fitting their needs?Sales person should make your advertising as delicate as you can make it.Don’t make the buyers guess what you can offer. Are you losing a project to your competitor simply because your customers don’t know you are really good at it? It can be avoided if you become the first one to cut the cake. People tend to have a better image of first intruding thing. When it sounds too good to be true, they probably will buy the story.

 Mold manufacturers develop certain area of expertise over their years in business, and generally are more successful when they stick to those areas of expertise. If you specialize ininsert molds, over molding molds, two-shot molds, rotary stack molds or unscrewing mold,then go and let your customers become impressed of your strengths, make yourself orallywell-known.

Be honest about what you can offer. If you are well-aquatinted with smaller multi-cavity molds, it’s good to narrow it to such as 4, 8, 16, 32 cavities molds. It’s not impossible thatyou can successfully build a mold with 128 cavities; your customers may want to take a risk and try as you do. You’ll never lose marks by respecting the integrity; in this case you wouldn’t be cornered if the 128 cavities mold does go wrong.

Buying a mold is a complex and tedious process. If you can let the buyers know what your spotlights are, save them time, you win in the first run.



This post provided by Christina from KeSan Mold & Plastic

The technical specifications of preform mould

blow molding machine


The technical specifications of preform mould.

1.     Main components: the materials of cores and cavities are imported Germany 2316,the heating hardness can reach HRC46±2°. The thread is made of imported material S136 stavax(ASSAB from Sweden), its processing accuracy can reach ±0.02mm(depend on the perform). The interchangeability of the mould components is very good, and the polished surfaces reach the second class mirror side degree of finish.

2.     Mould frame: mould plate is processed by the Japanese processing center. Plate A and B adopt the material of P20, their hardness is HRC30-32; the material of hot runner, pull plates and push plates are H13. Other mould plates adopt 50# steel.

3.     The heating element of hot runner is GERMANY HOTSET. Nozzle is made of berylium copper imported from Japan.(Copper alloy + H13).

4.     Pin valve control system: the valve needles are imported from Japan.

5.     Opening and clamping system: use the lubricating graphite copper sheathing. In order to decrease fret, to guarantee the accuracy of mould and to improve the life of mould, we adopt the lubricating graphite copper plate between plates and pull plates.

6.     The deviation of the thickness of  performs will not be more than 0.05mm(depend on the length of the perform). The weight tolerance is +/-0.3gr(depend on the weight of the perform)

7.      Temperature controller adopts Germany standard intelligent PID controlling system; it can control temperature exactly and make sure the stability of hot runner.    

8.      The guarantee of the mould is about 3,000,000 shots.


One-stop PET Preform Mould/Mold Manufacturer

Is there any One-stop PET Preform Mould/Mold Manufacturers exist in China.

Yes, here is the Zhejiang Hongzhen Machine Mould Group Co., Ltd. They do not only offer a mold, but also a fine solution .

–PET preform mould/mold

–Bottle cap mould

–Injection molding machine

–Auxiliary Equipment

I would like to show you some Preform Mould/Mold made by Hongzhen.

96-Cavity-Preform-Mould/Mold                                                 96-Cavity-Preform-Mould/Mold Made by Hongzhe


48-Cavity-Preform-Mould/Mold Made by Hongzhen



12-Cavity-jar-Preform-Mould/Mold Made By Hongzhen                                   12-Cavity–Preform-Mould/Mold Made By Hongzhen