Automotive Mold Industry, Can We Seize the Future

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Automotive  mold, especially medium-sized cover mold, the body is an important part of manufacturing technology, but also theformation of self-development capacity of a car key.
Especially in medium-sized sedan car cover mold import a large amount for many reasons: there are technical problems, there aremanagement issues, there are capacity issues, there arecollaboration problems. How to further improve the coverage of mold-made medium and large degree, the industry eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom, offer advice, a lot of ideas out.From the planning, coordination, management point of view, I think this should address two relationships. First, deal with the relationship between ability and level; the second is the totalpackage deal, collaboration between subcontractors. This articleis talking about handling ability and level of relationship.
Although not die as car is mass-produced automotive products, but the principles of lean production methods and requirements,and can learn to combine the characteristics of mold use.

U.S. extruder builds manufacturing plant in Hangzhou.

U.S. extruder builds manufacturing plant in Hangzhou.

Steve Toloken

HANGZHOU, CHINA  — Spurred by rapidly growing demand in China’s healthcare market, American specialty tubing extruder Precision Extrusion Inc. has opened a joint venture manufacturing plant in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.

Precision, in Glens Falls, N.Y., has seen China grow from negligible sales levels five years ago to about 20 percent of the small company’s revenues, as the Chinese government has significantly boosted spending on healthcare, said Precision President Michael Badera, speaking in an April 16 interview at the China International Medical Equipment Fair, in Shenzhen, China.

Precision has a majority stake, while a Chinese investment firm Tong Xiang Peng Yi Ltd., in the city of Tongxiang, Zhejiang province, holds a minority position, he said, declining to disclose details of the investment or ownership stakes.

“It was a multimillion dollar investment,” Badera said.

The joint venture, which started production earlier this year, is called Hangzhou Peng Yi Precision Catheter Technology Ltd. The Chinese partner is a small privately-owned investment firm, Badera said.

The Hangzhou facility could eventually start to manufacture some of the company’s catheter balloons and have operations for applying lubricious coatings, which make the catheters easier to insert into the body, he said.

The factory is in the Hangzhou Economic and Technology Development Area, a giant industrial park outside the city. The park was helpful to Precision and provided the firm some grants to help defray rental costs, he said.

Badera also said the joint venture is considering expanding beyond components into producing finished goods and eventually doing an initial public offering.

Precision Vice President Rosy Wang, a native of Hangzhou and longtime employee of Precision, is the chairman of the joint venture.

We Are Specialized in Making Plastic Table Mold

Who we are?


We are Zhejiang Huangyan Ningguang Mould Co., Ltd. Our main product is Plastic Mould. It includes Injection Mould, Blow Mould and SMC Mould, the range from Household Mould such as plastic chair mold ,plastic table mold and other plastic furniture’s mold , Industrial Mould, Automobile Parts Mould, Motorcycle Parts Mould to Bicycle Parts Mould. Our customers come from Domestic Market and International Market. Domestic Market includes provinces like Jiangsu, Anhui, Shenzhen, Hebei and Shanxi etc. International Market contains USA, Canada, Spain, Finland, Poland, Pakistan, Philippine, Italy and Sri Lanka .

Plastic Table Mold
Plastic Table Mold


How is the plastic Table made?

Injection molding is a method of plastic table making, a metal mold is used, and solid plastic polymers are heated at a fixed rate and temperature. They’re then poured into the plastic table mold and cooled. A certain amount of precision must be used with this type of molding process because if the plastic is poured too slowly, it will dry too soon. If it is poured too quickly, the result will not be a uniform arrangement of plastic. If done properly, the result is a plastic table with no seams, molded all in one piece.

Category: Injection Moulds
Place of Origin: Huangyan, China
Model Number: table and chair mould 04
Material: Steel
Payment Terms: T/T L/C
Packaging: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 60 days (for reference)
Supply Ability: 20 sets/month
Trademark: NINGGUANG


How to Make Buyers to Choose You As Mould Supplier.

Your strengths lead you to the right potential customers. There are hundreds of thousandsof mold suppliers spreading over China, among which only a few have their specialties.Purchasing people have many ways to find their right mold maker. One way is to sort out byterritory, ShangHai for automotive molds, ZheJiang big molds, ShenZhen, precision and high quality molds, DongGuan electronic Molds. Nonetheless, it doesn’t always mean you cannot find good automotive mold makers in Shenzhen, and price favorable mold makers there. Another ways is to find by the mold types. When they go online and pick your cherry up, but finally kick you out. Isn’t a real tragedy? You are almostclose to them, despite that you have the similar machine tool capabilities and CAD/CAMsoftware systems. Because you don’t offer anything to their interest and to theirrequirements, customers will give priority to those who have real strengths to theirexpectation. Your differences come into play a key role then.

Knowing what your company is good at can help sales persons do marketing better. Salespersons are not knowledgeable enough about mold making technologies; they often call their companies good and reliable mold makers, with no conscious of their real strengths. What make your company outstanding for sales? Do you have any specialties fitting their needs?Sales person should make your advertising as delicate as you can make it.Don’t make the buyers guess what you can offer. Are you losing a project to your competitor simply because your customers don’t know you are really good at it? It can be avoided if you become the first one to cut the cake. People tend to have a better image of first intruding thing. When it sounds too good to be true, they probably will buy the story.

 Mold manufacturers develop certain area of expertise over their years in business, and generally are more successful when they stick to those areas of expertise. If you specialize ininsert molds, over molding molds, two-shot molds, rotary stack molds or unscrewing mold,then go and let your customers become impressed of your strengths, make yourself orallywell-known.

Be honest about what you can offer. If you are well-aquatinted with smaller multi-cavity molds, it’s good to narrow it to such as 4, 8, 16, 32 cavities molds. It’s not impossible thatyou can successfully build a mold with 128 cavities; your customers may want to take a risk and try as you do. You’ll never lose marks by respecting the integrity; in this case you wouldn’t be cornered if the 128 cavities mold does go wrong.

Buying a mold is a complex and tedious process. If you can let the buyers know what your spotlights are, save them time, you win in the first run.



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Foreign Capital Company Competing for Auto New Energy Marketing

The tendency of automotive industry as a whole is more gentle in 2011 has become an indisputable fact, and a major factor restricting automobile consumption is  –  oil prices. Therefore, the market’s  demand for new energy vehicles is increasing, the OEMs are also  make efforts of development of new energy vehicles, in order to seize market share. Faced with this situation, the foreign parts companies are increasing investment in new energy research and development components to meet the vehicle package. In contrast, the domestic brands, but the performance of parts enterprises is not satisfactory.

In the just-released first into the 2011 China’s auto industry, “Zhen election” re-evaluation phase of the business activities of an interview survey, 90 percent of foreign-funded enterprises are increasing year by year, the new energy R & D efforts, a small number of non-core parts manufacturers also moving in a low-carbon, environmentally friendly direction, and gradually transition to new energy. The own-brand parts and components enterprises may see the development potential of new energy sources, but because of their understanding of the technology is still some gaps in the development of face layers of obstacles.On the other hand, in supporting the field of vehicle, its own brand parts enterprises have not really adapted vehicle technology, changes in the structure, less understanding in this regard, it restricted the development of independent brands.

In order to shorten the gap between domestic and foreign auto parts enterprises, and further support the development of own brand components, in the first half, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Amendment Draft)”, in which key components for new energy vehicles shares than doing a clear: foreign investment in shares of no more than 50%.Introduction of this policy, for the development of foreign parts enterprises in China had no small impact. However, whether this move would be the local parts enterprises in the development of new energy sources play a role in promoting it? Reporters entering the “Zhen election” re-evaluation of the local parts enterprises made a survey, the results of local enterprises generally believe that the policy has some guiding role in foreign parts companies competing to occupy the Chinese market situation, a certain degree of reduced inhibition of its own brand.On the other hand, some companies said that in China there are still parts technical short board, under the premise that foreign policy will not lead to the development of new energy vehicles moved to other areas, which led to its own brand of technical weakness ?

For now, this is a technology to market or to the game, the effect will not be revealed shortly. However, we can see that countries in the “five-second” period of China’s auto parts market, the degree of attention. This independent parts in terms of brand, is an unprecedented opportunity, at the technical level of precipitation, will create a leap in the local parts industry.Therefore, foreign capital accounted for most of the market share in the case, we can look forward to its own brand in the new energy field force.

Automotive Mold Industry Will See in a Vigorous Development

Even today in China automotive mold mainly imported , China will see in a fastest growing age in the automotive mold industry history.
The quality of the mold is reflected in automotive products, which can direct to the consumer experience is the “work” is good or bad. Domestic car inventories growing is an indisputable fact.
Compare to the auto industry,  China’s mold industry has a longer history, but walking slowly. Since the 1950s China began to produce the first trucks, we have

made our own mold. However, traditional manual mode and play imitation type, copy type of mold production made us always stay in the rough  level.So, from our own Red Flag sedans and now many brands of China-made cars, the  molds are mainly imported. The import price  is several times of local price.
Our gap in the “accuracy” . The “accuracy” is not only technically, but also the concept. For example, how to make a stretch in the press forming of steel, the product’s dimensional accuracy, material deformation, rebound, rigidity, etc. to achieve good quality, which we are still technically difficult to achieve.
Since 2000, China’s auto industry, especially the rapid development of cars, drive a car and automotive mold industry to flourish.  Last year, the number of China’s imports of CNC machine tools have become No.1 in the world. With the state’s new auto industry policy has mold on the forefront, and will be the focus of the next few years the development of industry.
The development trend of China’s mold, prospects for the future. Products such as motor vehicles and to the development of lightweight, die-casting mold ratio will continue to increase.While the die-casting mold and complexity of life will also be raised higher and higher requirements; to plastic steel, plastic wood to further speed up the process, the proportion of plastic mold will continue to increase.

bumper mold made by ASDA

China Automotive Stamping Technology

Stamping  is one of the four car manufacturer processes, the manufacture of the body largely depends  on the accuracy of the precision stamping and assembly. Stamping  technology is driven by the development and mass production needs, especially in the auto industry.

Development status of Chinese automotive stamping technology are nearly in the following four areas.

1.  The high automation degree of the outside coverage
The outside coverage has a high quality requirements to the surface quality, can only rely on automated production. China’s car outside coverage is not high-speed stamping, but also a very high degree of automation. This is mainly manifested in the widespread adoption of automated stamping area into line.

Into the line of stamping presses needs four stamping equipments to form a complete closure of punch lines, the middle robot automatic feeding and pickup, production cycle is about 10 to 15 beats / min, typical of the first double-action 1630T and follow-up 800T press components.

2. Floors, roof covering parts within the category of automatic or semi-automated production

Determined mainly by the volume of such parts of their production methods, the general use of automation or semi-automated production. In addition to joint venture companies, local enterprises originally started basically semi-automatic stamping of production.

Semi-automatic production set specific requirements to stamping presses. First, the table of stamping presses should be large; Second,because the forming force is too large, which need for the 2400T or 2000T’s first press, 1000T or 1250T’s  follow-up press.
3.  Chassis frame parts are mostly manufactured by car parts enterprises
Chassis frame parts are mostly manufactured by car parts enterprises and send to OEMs. Large scale parts companies generally have six punch lines, taking into account the ease of quality control and OEM production logistics management, spare parts companies have such subsequent welding or painting or spraying, which can be provided directly to OEMs total into parts.

4.  Precision stamping technology is developing rapidly

Precision stamping technology along with the watch manufacturing industry originated in Switzerland, which is the key technologies in the development of automobile industry. The technology has important applications in the automotive manufacturing, such as door hinge assembly, window regulator assembly and so on. Such parts material’s thickness is 3-5mm, and requires high precision parts with good strength, smooth and reliable movement.


China’s Automotive Mold Industry Import and Export Market Tends To Be Reasonable

In recent years, China’s automotive mold industry, especially the development of foreign trade across a big step forward. Some experts believe automotive mold exports will receive a brilliant spring. We certainly have reason to face the happy results, but we must clearly recognize the achievements and outstanding issues behind the numbers and look for reasons  carefully, take active measures in order to improve.

Foreign-funded enterprises are still the main exports

China automotive mold products accounted for 45% of total exports of Guangdong Province, the “three capital” enterprises account for a considerable amount, and is the main export. In addition to private enterprises in Zhejiang, exports account for the dominant amount of automotive mold, most of the other provinces is “three capital” enterprises as the main force. Our own business, because of the week innovation and development capacity, the overall level is inferior to the “three capital” enterprises.

This situation that automotive molds export  mainly depends  on the “three capital” enterprises should arouse enough attention.

Asda automotive mold

Precision Injection Mold

Mold is precision forming tool used to mass products stamping parts. But speak of

precision injection mold ,often refers to the accuracy of parts.

Mold accuracy includes four areas: dimensional accuracy,shape accuracy,

position accuracy, surface accuracy. As the hours at work on the mold die, lower

die in two parts, so the accuracy of the four above, under the model of mutual

position accuracy is most important.

The difference between precision injection mold and general mold is the accuracy. Because the industry range of mold is too wild,different fields have different definition. There is no uniform definition of precision injection mold.

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