Portable Table and Chair

Despite the very wet weather recently, you will notice the theme of camping running across a number of posts in the coming weeks. It started with the Freeloader of course, and today continues with a portable table. Firstly, I am going to justify why this qualifies as a gizmo: It folds up suitcase sized! As a family, we’ve never been camping before despite purchasing a tent years ago. This year, we’re definitely going and therefore need a few more items to make this possible. One of those items is a table to eat off. I’d been looking online at portable tables and had seen a folding table which comes complete with 4 chairs for around £30… but a trip to Tesco one evening led to the discovery of that very same product, branded by Tesco, for about £21 – bargain!

Now, the protable table comfortably sits two adults and two children – I can’t comment on whether it is suitable for fat people though and I’d suggest not! It can be assembled / unfolded within a minute easily, and all you need to do is make sure that the locking bolts are in place before you sit on it. It is made mostly of plastic, with an aluminium frame for strength, but don’t put anything too hot on the surface or you will melt it…. not suitable as a cooking table! The other major issue is the lack of levelling – you’ll have to make sure it’s on a flat surface, or bring along some wooden blocks to keep it level – but for just over £20 you can’t be too fussy.

The whole table folds in to a small suitcase-sized carry case – the case itself being the table-top with the portable chairs folding up inside it making it very convenient for fitting in your boot on a camping trip. I wouldn’t recommend it for a hiking trip though as it’s far too heavy for that despite the photos of ramblers on the box. We haven’t actually tested it in earnest yet, so I’ll post an update once we get back from the trip.