Ways of Crate Mould Maintenance

Choosing the right documentation software may prove essential in helping crate mould makers collaborate while promoting the 

principles autonomous maintenance. The right software can help companies develop visual, step-by-step process documentation 

(procedures that include diagrams, color photos and videos), which enables shops to establish a set of standardized instructions

 for everything from crate mould cleaning and repair to safety procedures.

While incredibly important, maintenance and cleaning are also tedious and require precise attention to detail. No one really gets 

excited about doing them. So, in a busy shop where customers demand quick turnarounds, preventative maintenance often gets 

pushed to the back burner. After all, its a time-consuming job. It takes a careful, patient and knowledgeable hand to 

complete the process correctly.

crate mould

The right software won’t just aid in the documentation, it can also be the foundation of a shop-wide communication system

a way to distribute expertise from master to journeyman. Even when experts are tied up on other tasks, their 

insights can still be referenced by less-experienced workers. You dont need to look over someones shoulder 

to explain exactly the right way to do a job. The system should handle that for you.

What Plastic Cup is Suitable for Drinking

What plastic cup is suitable for drinking ?  O r I ask this question in another way, Plastic cup made by what material is suitable for dringking?

Answer is plastic cup made by PP or PC is suitable for dringking, especially for hot water. But PC plastic cups are not commended to heated. PC plastic cups will release BPA and not good for health.



Six basic requirements for qualified plastic mold

plastic molds can be divided into compression molding mold, injection mold, extrusion mold, blow mold hollow products, thermoforming molds depend on press molding method. In addition to the above listed types of plastic mold, there are otherforms of plastic mold. Such as the slush mold, reaction injection mold, foam mold, low pressure fiberglass reinforced plastic molding mold. But no matter what a plastic mold of acceptance should meet the following six basic requirements:

1. The product forming process, the mold structure and production process analysis. Plastic mold tooling service lifeshould be at least 30 million times.

2. The mold must be designed to complete the structure and processing parts, and assembly requirements and the proposedinjection molding process requirements.

3. No plastic parts appearance quality defects (such asshrinkage, etc.) or die structure (such as sub-surface setting, gatesetting, tool life can not be guaranteed and so on).

4. The appearance of mold: Mold must ensure that the appearance of rust-free, no hit marks, no defects such as moduleground defects.

5. Mold Transportation: Transportation must be installed on the mold clamping piece, packaging solid, rust-proof.

6. Mold information: delivery, while in the mold, the mold must provide a set of wearing parts and maintenance of reference materials

Five Most Famous Plastic Chair Mould Manufacturer in Huangyan

There are five most famous plastic chair mould manufacturer in Huangyan,China.

They are Taizhou Aobo Plastic Co.,Ltd,Taizhou Bosheng Plastic Co.,Ltd. Taizhou Zhongda Zhongyi Plastic Mould Co., Ltd Zhejiang Huangyan North Mould Factory,

Taizhou Sanlian Mould Industry CO.,Ltd.

As we know, Aobo is specialized in making chair mould, the lowest quotation of chair mould of Aobo is 190000 RMB, of course, you can find a chair mould with lower price, but the quality maybe can’t compare to Aobo.

Bosheng, most of her clients are from India. And the rest of three chair mould maker also make other moulds, like commodity mould, but they have very rich experience in making CHAIR MOULD.

chair mould

Researchers turn orange peels into plastic

Researchers turn orange peels into plastic
Katie Coyne

YORK, ENGLAND news– Orange peel could be used to make biobased plastics commercially within two years, according to scientists behind a breakthrough discovery at the University of York.

Scientists say they can break down peel into simple monomers that can be used to make plastics and that there is no reason why the technology could not be in wide use soon.

The research team subjected orange peel to microwaves to extract the hydrocarbon limonene

found within it. Limonene is used as a degreasing agent in industry and is commonly found in household products such as washing-up liquid and fabric detergent.

However, the scientists found that the process also caused the limonene to break down into monomers that could be used to make biobased plastics.

James Clark, professor of chemistry and director of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York, said these could be used to make plastic structures and replace, for example, PET.

He added: “Orange is very interesting because there is a huge amount of it and the chemicals in it are quite simple and that is unusual in that it has a large amount of a single molecule – limonene. Every time you do the washing up there’s a good chance you are using limonene.”

The university is currently building a biorenewables development center, which will be taking the discovery forward and proving the theory on a larger scale. It will operate the process at a rate of tens of kilograms per hour.

Clark added: “At that scale you can show industry that it is feasible. By the end of the year these will be operating. There are plenty of companies around making the microwave equipment and there is a plentiful supply of oranges around. I am kind of hoping that by

next year industry will start picking up on this.

“I would be disappointed if in two or three years time industry wasn’t taking this forward.”


Zhejiang Made “Taizhou” As Plastic Parts Brand

Taizhou, known as “plastic Kingdom”, with more than ten thousand plastic products manufacturer. In recent years, plastic commodities in the national market share of up to 60%. However, the plastic industry in Taizhou have been expanding their strength at the same time, the industry in some deep-seated problem came to light.Because plastic products are relatively low threshold of traditional industries, as raw material prices, foreign trade policy and other external factors, the production cost of plastic products increased year by year, enterprises have the production value and profits decline.

Facing all kinds of problems, the transformation and upgrading has been placed in front of all plastic products companies. The “technical” word has become a large company to seek a breakthrough in the key. As the plastic products industry’s leading enterprises, shuanghui also  depict a broader development prospects to Taizhou Plastic Industry.

Technical support, services local economic.

Now is the opportunity to shine for plastics companies

Now is the opportunity to shine for plastics companies

plastic companies
plastic companies


After years of half-hearted efforts, the U.S. government is finally getting serious about making automobiles more energy efficient.

Now is the plastics industry’s opportunity to shine.

Reaching the new goal for corporate average fuel economy — or CAFE — of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 is going to take a tremendous effort.

To hit that number, automakers will be using a wide variety of new technologies — turbochargers and superchargers, stop-start systems, gasoline direct injection, better transmissions, and new computer controls.

Plastics can play a role in some of those efforts. But the major opportunity is simple: to make vehicles lighter.

There will be opportunities in vehicle interiors, exteriors, under the hood, and even in structural components.

As Detroit-based staff reporter Rhoda Miel points out in this week’s Page 1 story, Ford Motor Co. already has a goal to lighten cars by 200-700 pounds in the coming years. Other carmakers, in the United States and around the world, will have similar targets.

The plastics industry can start with proven technology — replacing metal in body panels and interiors, for example, and replacing glass in windows and sunroofs.

The auto industry will need help with this task. This is an opportunity for the best and brightest minds in plastics research and development to think outside the box.

Material suppliers and component makers will need to be working with auto designers to find new opportunities to consolidate plastic parts and make components lighter. A great example: the thinner-concept seats proposed by Johnson Controls Inc. and Faurecia SA.

Plastics have long had a friendly relationship with the auto industry. This week I stumbled across a 1943 newspaper feature story that quoted experts about the fantastic growth the plastics industry was about to experience. Even then, it was already an established fact that the auto industry was one of the most important markets for plastics.

Remember, this was before plastics had begun to make a dent in the packer

or medical markets.

In the nearly 70 years since that article was published, plastics have continued to make progress in the auto industry. But many opportunities have been missed along the way. Sometimes it’s been because consumers preferred other materials. Sometimes it’s been related to cost.

As I’ve noted before, resin and plastic component suppliers have been frustrated for many years by carmakers’ reluctance to get serious about improving fuel economy. Now the carmakers are on board, and consumers appear willing to put fuel economy higher on their list of transportation priorities.

Now — finally — is the time to unleash the plastics industry’s creative forces and help achieve — and surpass — the new government standards?

editor of  Plastics News

MCB Mould is a well known Plastic Chair mould builder in China

MCB Mould is a well known Plastic Chair mould builder in China


MCB Mould which belongs to Zhongyin mould company is a well known Plastic mould brand specialized in producing Household Mould such as Box Mould, Chair Mould, Table Mould, Storage Container Mould, Bathtub Mould, Drawer Mould. Industrial goods mould such as Paint Bucket Mould, Crate Mould, Pallet Mould, Dustbin Mould Auto parts mould such as Lamp Mould. Our company is equipped with CNC advanced machining center, EDM machine and so on. We have rich experience in design and production. With advanced system of CAD/CAM/CAE and strict enforcement of the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, MCB Mould has won a high reputation worldwide. With the concept of ‘innovative thinking and self-motivation’ based on scientific management principles, influenced by the opening of more overseas markets, MCB Mould is working on developing more high-precision and high-quality moulds. In the internet age, information technology has created an excellent communication platform for us. With further scientific innovation can we develop rapidly. We firmly believe that through our friendly communication and cooperation, MCB Mould will give you a fine solution.

Transparent chair mould


Plastic chair mould
Plastic chair mold

Detailed Information:

Product Name: Transparent chair moulding
Maker/Manufacture/Company: MCB MOULD
Product Category: Chair mould
Place of origin: in/from huangyan

Detailed Product Description

For Transparent chair mould injection, MCB Mould can tailor various kinds of Plastic chair moulds for each customer as per their requirements. The quotation can be made based on drawings or samples provided by the customers. Our plastic chair moulds are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price. Your satisfaction is guarantee.

Plastic chair mould
Plastic chair mould

Plastic Table Mold is made in Okay Mould

Plastic Table Mold is made in Okay Mould

Okay mould
Okay Mould

TaiZhou Huangyan Okay Mould Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in designing, Commodity mould, plastic chair mould and plastic table mould, Auto mould, and assembly. which is located in Taizhou, China. The company has a professional team of rich experience and high quality. Apart from the technological force, the company has high-precision manufacturing facilities. With the CNC manufacturing facility being widely used, the producing time of the moulds is shortened, and the quality of the products is guaranteed at the same time. Also we have the first-class system of CAD/CAM/CAE and imported numerical control process machines, and established net system control, accomplished share of information, and integrated model designing and processing. In such a perfect condition, quality of modules and plastic products are highly assured. we have exported many moulds and plastic parts to Italy, France, America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, India, Israel, Uk and so on. Welcome to visit our company! experience and high quality. Apart from the technological force, the company has high-precision manufacturing facilities. With the CNC manufacturing facility being widely used, the producing time of the moulds is shortened, and the quality of the products is guaranteed at the same time. Also we have the first-class system of CAD/CAM/CAE and imported numerical control process machines, and established net system control, accomplished share of information, and integrated model designing and processing. In such a perfect condition, quality of modules and plastic products are highly assured. We have exported many moulds and plastic parts

plastic table mould
Plastic table mould

Table Mould

Detailed Information:

Product Name:

Table Mould


Okay Mould

Product Category:

Okay Mould: Plastic Table and Chair Mould

Place of origin:

in/from China

Detailed Product Description

Product Name: Table Mould

Product Material: PP

Mould Base: LKM, DME

Core/Cavity steel: 45#, P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316 etc

No. of Cavities: One

Mould Leading Time: 60days

Hot Runner: YUDO, HASCO,INCOE etc.

Mould Components: HASCO, DME, PUNCH etc

Main Softwares: Auto CAD, UG, Catia, Solidworks, etc.

Quality assurance: ISO9001

Our advantage:

1. High Quality

2. Competitive price

3. On Time Delivery

4. Quality Control

5. Best Services

For more information, pls contact us.