The Processing Technic of Tee Pipe Fittings

Tee pipe fittings are used as a branch of pipe fittings. As  seamless  tee pipe fittings, at present there is usually used in hydroforming  process and hot forming .
a. Hydroforming
The hydroforming  of tee pipe fittings is compensated by metal axial expansion of a branch pipe forming process. The process is the use of special hydraulic machine, to inject the liquid into the equal diameter tube  through the hydraulic tank side of the two levels of synchronization in the movements of the squeeze tube, tube by extrusion smaller, inner tube liquid with the tube size smaller and the pressure increased, when reached to the  required pressure, the metal tube in the side of the cylinder and the fluid pressure within the dual role of the flow along the mold cavity bulge out of the branch.
b. Hot forming
Hot forming of tee pipe fittings  is greater than the diameter of the tube tee, flattening about to tee diameter size, position in the stretch to open a branch pipe hole; tube by heating, into the forming mold, and in the pipe Load a blank stretch of the branch dies; in the tube is under pressure, radial compression, the process of compression in the radial metal flow to the branch direction and the tensile die formed branch. The whole process is through the tube branch of the radial compression and tensile parts of the process of forming.Links with different hydro-bulging, the hot metal branch pipe tee tube’s radial motion is compensated, so also known as radial compensation process.

equal tee pipe fittings
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