Blow molding machine should be choosed according to actual needs

Blow molding machine is the machine used to blow plastic bottles, plastic material or preform by blowing machine blown bottles, or some people call it PET bottle blower.Through years of exploration, blowing machine in China independently developed technology has made substantial progress, Zhejiang Taizhou has become a well-known  blow molding machine production base.

blow molding machine

For large-scale manufacturer of plastic bottles and beverage manufacturers, it is recommended to purchase automatic blow molding machine, automatic blow molding machine is more expensive, but labor costs to remove the latter part of the actual or very cost-effective.Especially for the drinks, food bottle manufacturers , the automatic blow molding machine is installed on more reasonable.

For some manufacturers just put into plastic bottles and food and beverage manufacturers in their choice of blowing molding machines, they often encounter many problems. Blow molding machine according to their own production to choose. For the modest budget of a small plastic bottle manufacturers we suggest firstpurchase recommended or semi-automatic blowing molding machine production, such as open market and then consider buying automatic blow molding machine.


blow molding machine

On Taizhou blowing molding machine industry needs the development of multi-channel

Taizhou blow molding machine, as a regional symbol, Taizhou blow molding machine industry not only in the country,

in the international market also played a certain reputation. And “Plastic Kingdom” has grown up in Taizhou blow molding

machine industry, relying on hard work and a vision when the vision. Editing the Chinese network in bottles in the near future

to visit in Taizhou, with some of my thoughts, and the industry to share with friends.

In Taizhou, plastic PET bottle blower  and the process of rapid development of industry, Taizhou

blowing mold industry with a unique advantage also gained rapid development. Taizhou blow molding machine and die

industry to strengthen the cooperation between enterprises, including product support, technology sharing, information

sharing, through the efforts of relevant departments, so that the region’s geographical advantages to maximize the expression,

to allow customers to buy not only in Taizhou good blow molding machine, also can buy excellent quality of blowing mold,

to achieve one-stop shopping.

Taizhou now has several large-scale blow molding machine companies, which products are exported to Africa,

South America, and China should be said that all of the products, in some economically less developed areas,

we are indeed very popular blow molding machine . However, the blow molding machine business you want to occupy

Europe and other developed markets, there is indeed difficult. Blow Molding Machine with internationally renowned e

nterprises, Taizhou blow molding machine business or brand awareness, product patents, innovation, there is a certain gap.

Dig potential customers, manufacturers of plastic bottles in the country’s reputation in the open, stand firm and force the

international market, Taizhou blow molding machine companies need to brand awareness, product sales, product innovation,

quality control, service, and other multi-service network established channel efforts.


blow molding machine

Relocation Notice of Blow Molding Machine

The most easy to understand explanation of  blowing molding machine is able plastic particles (soften into liquid) or make a bottle embryo blown through a certain process means the bottle machine.

blow molding machine


Blow molding machine features:

1 mode-locking technique using oil-free air bags, clamping force, no up-mode, dual crank joint operation by the force less, no wear, long life.

2 sealed flying technology to seal the bottle and jar sealing easier, without distortion.

3 by PLC computer control, touch screen display, easy operation, high reliability, stability


Relocation Notice of Blow Molding Machine :

1, removal of equipment before moving water, electricity, oil, gas, power and other pipelines.

2, operating before the job site clean up the debris and equipment, access roads to facilitate the smooth progress of the relocation operation.

3, before the relocation site for the specific equipment and operating conditions, to develop a detailed relocation plan, the relocation operation in strict accordance with the implementation of the relocation program operations to ensure the removal operation safety and reliability.

How to Choose blowing molding machine?

There three tips can be for your reference:

1. Plastic machinery, especially the blow molding machine, which is characterized by continuous production needs, and the power is large, so the high reliability, small power consumption, low noise is the first indexes when you are choosing.  The first thing is to consider the brand high-profile blow molding machine when purchasing, while concerned about the configuration of the key parts of the brand, such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, motors, etc., product quality and brand protection service .

2. About the quality of corporate management level, for through the ISO9000 quality management system certification and European CE safety certification of the company, its product safety and technical performance are more worthy to trust.

3. Check the relevant technical documentation, such as blow molding machine manual, certificate, packing list, software,operating instructions, etc., in general, you should pay attention to these technical data of the enterprises, relatively more emphasis on product quality.

At last, I’d like recommend you two top blowing  molding machine manufacturers which obtain a very good reputation in China.

1. Zhejiang Hongzhen Machine Mould CO.,LTD

2.Zhejiang  Juguang Plastics Machine & Mould Industry Co.,Ltd

PET Bottle Blower —-The mother of plastic bottles

All kinds of things have their mothers, including industry products. Today I would like to talk about the mother of plastic bottles—-PET bottle blower.

Through it’s very important to choose their own suitable types of machine. Today, there are also many domestic manufacturers can make the PET bottle blowers.Consider the price is a  right choice on the basis of a  good brand manufacturer, the largest PET bottle blower manufacturer mainly concentrated in Taizhou. And there are many manufacturers already have independent design and production ability, can make special types  according to the customer’s requirements .

PET bottle blower

is a machine to blow the bottle, the most simple explanation is that is can soften plastic granules into a liquid or blow the embryos like a bottle by a certain technology. The machine can be generally divided into automatic and semi-automatic(see the picture). And today we usually use the environmental protection material PET plastic so-called ” PET bottle blower“.
How to choose the bottle blower must be one of the topic of  the most attentions you want to know. Generally speaking, you need  to choose bottle blower models according by products . Different dosage of manufacturers general attent to the cavity,  the capacity of the bottle, and  production per hour.


full-automatic PET bottle blower
full-automatic PET bottle blower
 semi-automatic PET bottle blower
semi-automatic PET bottle blower