Household Mould Industry Status

From the layout of the Chinese household mould industry, plastic household mould manufacturing almotst concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang.Currently, the domestic household appliace mould accounted for more than 80% market share, fully self-sufficient, and the domestic household mould manufacturers is fully capable for making large plastic LCD TV mold, stamping die, molding technology backplane higher mold production is also fully capable.

household mould

Can be expected, large, sophisticated, well-designed (mainly for thin-walled products) will be household injection mould business concerns.Rapid response, quick delivery accessories for household electrical appliance enterprises to seize market share is to rely on advanced molding technology to ensure that, Haier, for example, Haier purchase molds about 6000 a year, worth over $ 500 million as Haier mold with Haier is the integration of product design and development, which is Haier’s products to market quickly, saving valuable time.

household mould

household mould

In 2010, China’s rapid economic growth and the impact of global economic recovery, China’s mold industry in the post-crisis period to obtain a better recovery of growth, the country die of about 112 billion yuan of total sales, up 14% or more.According to customs statistics, in 2010 mold reached $ 4.258 billion total import and export.Among them, the mold imported $ 2.196 billion, an increase of 19.15%, mold export $ 2.062 billion, an increase of 4.99%.China mold exporter, in addition to the traditional United States, Japan and Europe and Southeast Asia, Brazil, India, Russia, Australia and other emerging market development have been achieved.At present, China’s mold exports reached 40 countries and regions.According to customs statistics, exports of major mold from Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, followed by Shanghai, Shandong, Fujian, Tianjin, Liaoning, Beijing and Jilin, we can see the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin region is still mold developed regions, but also a concentration of home appliance mold.2010 China’s exports stamping $ 503 million, $ 1.514 billion rubber mold, other moulds $ 178 million, shows the advantages of China’s mold industry is still mainly in the rubber mold, but also reflects the household mould has a strong competitive the market more active.During this period, export growth rate of mould growth rate higher than the industry as a whole, and for the first time the annual trade surplus of good results.

Plastics material buyers win minor concessions

Buyers of standard thermoplastics forced producers to backtrack on initial plans to boost their profit margins by raising prices in September.
PE prices managed a weak rollover after the ethylene contract price fell by a modest €5/tonne. PVC also saw a rollover despite producers’ attempts to raise prices. PP prices were down by less than the full propylene cost reduction while PS producers had to give away around half of the reduction in styrene monomer costs. PET producers, on the other hand, managed to increase prices in line with higher feedstock costs.

Producers expected a recovery in demand last month following an end to the holiday season. Polymer demand was, however, much lower than expected in September as a result of the slowdown in economic activity.

Supply has started to lengthen, particularly for PS and PVC, in the face of subdued sales levels. Producers responded by reducing plant operating rates with several cracker and polymer plants also undergoing maintenance turnarounds last month.

Read the full European Plastics News commodity resin pricing report, including resin-by-resin analysis and detailed grade prices here.

The composition of mold price

The composition of mold price

Mold price constituted mainly by the following aspects ;

Notes: Each factory may have their own different price , here only for reference






Raw material costs

10 %—–30%

Costs on real material


Standard Parts

10 %—–30%


Processing ten profit

30 %—–50%



10 %—–15%



3 %——– 5%


Packing and shipping




3 %



5 %——– 8%


Value added Tax


AIZHOU SANLIAN MOULD CO., LTD, a great plastic chair mould provider.

AIZHOU SANLIAN MOULD CO., LTD, a great plastic chair mould provider.

TAIZHOU SANLIAN MOULD CO., LTD. is a manufacturer & supplier of an extensive range of plastic moulds, including plastic chair mold, plastic table mould, Automobile moulds, Pipe fitting mould, etc.. We have create mould building facilities furnished with latest modeling software, CNC, CAD/CAM capabilities and processing equipments to assure high quality products.

Our goal is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations through quality design, competitive price, accurate scheduling, prompt delivery and reliable service of our end product.


Plastic chair mould
Plastic chair mold

Now I honestly introduce you some key points of chair mould.

Chair material:  we usually use PP to make chair, but sometime we will include Caco3  to make the appearance of the chair much full, Caco3 can also avoid sink marks on chair’s surface.

Chair mould gate system: 92% of the chair mould will choose side gate, because of the high requirement for chair’s surface. Hot runner direct gate is also adopted sometimes.

Chair mould surface treatment: high polish, texture,

Chair mould back inserts exchange: The chair back plate is an insert part, it can be changed if the customer want to change the back plate.

Check points of chair mould:  Parting line must be smooth.

Stacking: Stacking ten chairs together, chairs cannot be tilted. The distance between two chair feet cannot over 58mm.

The injection moulding machine for chair mould is determined by product weight:

 The weight of product is less than 2600g, usually we use 650 -800 ton injection molding machine.

For the arm chair, the chair with like U groovy or triangle groovy rear foot, usually we use more than 1000 ton injection molding machine.


We Are Specialized in Making Plastic Table Mold

Who we are?


We are Zhejiang Huangyan Ningguang Mould Co., Ltd. Our main product is Plastic Mould. It includes Injection Mould, Blow Mould and SMC Mould, the range from Household Mould such as plastic chair mold ,plastic table mold and other plastic furniture’s mold , Industrial Mould, Automobile Parts Mould, Motorcycle Parts Mould to Bicycle Parts Mould. Our customers come from Domestic Market and International Market. Domestic Market includes provinces like Jiangsu, Anhui, Shenzhen, Hebei and Shanxi etc. International Market contains USA, Canada, Spain, Finland, Poland, Pakistan, Philippine, Italy and Sri Lanka .

Plastic Table Mold
Plastic Table Mold


How is the plastic Table made?

Injection molding is a method of plastic table making, a metal mold is used, and solid plastic polymers are heated at a fixed rate and temperature. They’re then poured into the plastic table mold and cooled. A certain amount of precision must be used with this type of molding process because if the plastic is poured too slowly, it will dry too soon. If it is poured too quickly, the result will not be a uniform arrangement of plastic. If done properly, the result is a plastic table with no seams, molded all in one piece.

Category: Injection Moulds
Place of Origin: Huangyan, China
Model Number: table and chair mould 04
Material: Steel
Payment Terms: T/T L/C
Packaging: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 60 days (for reference)
Supply Ability: 20 sets/month
Trademark: NINGGUANG


Give us a chance, you will get the satisfaction

How is the plastic chair made?

Taizhou Huangyan Daye Plastic Mould Co., Ltd is one professional plastic chair mould manufacture. We promised that all the Plastic chair moulds supplied by our company features as follows: long mould life, reasonable price, short manufacturing cycle, timely delivery and satisfactory services. “Give us a chance, you will get the satisfaction”  is our consistent pursuit. Let’s develop and create splendid achievement together!

We can provide all kinds of plastic chair molds. First let me honestly introduce you how is the plastic chair made:

Plastic chairs are made in a number of ways, all of which involve metal molds as here we say “plastic chair mold “carved into the shape you need. The most popular form of this furniture molding is known as rotational molding, injection molding, Here we introduce you the Rotational Molding in which a large metal mold is injected with plastic polymer powder. This is then heated to the melting point of Plastic chair mold, and the mold is mechanically turned three-dimensionally in order to distribute the polymers to the inside of the plastic chair mold. After several minutes of spinning, the mold is cooled off and the rotation stops. The mold is opened and the new, completely hollow chair is removed.

Please see the picture of the Plastic chair mold:

Plastic chair mold
Plastic chair mold

Detailed Product Description

Ensures you to use: Good steel with high hardness Good accessories with high brightness Good machining with high precise. Offers you: In-time response on letters, telephone calls or fax In-time supply the quotation and mould designs In-time communication on the technical points In-time sending pictures for the mould machining progress and mould finishing schedule In-time mould test and sample delivery In-time mould delivery. For more information please contact us.

Contact address:

Taizhou Huangyan Daye Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Mr Yang

Phone: 86-576-84018066

Fax: 86-576-84029733

Address: Mould Industry Zone in West City,HuangYan,Zhejiang,China

Location: China (Mainland)

Zip: 318020


Jieken`s Plastic Chair mould is a good answer in china.

Jieken is your full-service partner of small to large products utilizing up-front engineering support, superior customer services, and state of the art process control techniques. Whole solution from product design, mold design, mold making, rapid prototype, precise injection molding ( such as Plastic chair mould, Plastic table mould) . to secondary processing; from idea to product, Jieken Mould is a good answer in china.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the most services and products that meet or exceed our customer needs and expectation, in terms of high quality, consistent reliability, on time delivery and reasonable price.

Our Capabilities: Engineering / Technical Mold Build Mold Design Reverse Engineering Project Management Hot-runner Capability Gas-assisted Capability Double-colored Capability

Our Plastic Chair mold


Plastic chair mold
Chair mold


Detailed Product Description:

Product Name : Chair Mould

Maker/Manufacture/Company: Jieken Mould

Product Category:: Plastic Chair Mould

Place of origin:: in/from zhejiang

Contact address:

Jieken Mould And Plastic Co.,Ltd

Contact person: Miss Sun

T: 86-576-84238992

F; 86-576-84261882

Address: 33# Kangqiang Rd, North Industrial Zone, Huangyan, Zhejiang, China

Zip: 318020