Molder in Huangyan——Automotive Mould Maker

We all know that Huangyan is the hometown of mould, hundreds of mould manufacturers located there. But here is the question, how to find out which company is most specialized in making which kind of mould.

Here is the guide of huangyan mold makers.

Today, we are going to talk about automotive mould maker in Huangyan.

Zhejiang Jiaren Mould Co.,Ltd, This company is most specialized in making bumper mould. with the 16 years experience of making bumper mould.

You can find bumper mould made by jiaren in the following file.

molder in huangyan-jiaren-bumper-mould



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Here is another company which specialized in making instrument panel mould. Xiang’an Mould Co., Ltd

You can find  instrument panel mould made by jiaren in the following file.

molder in huangyan-xiang-an-instrument panel mould

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Below are other mould manufactures also good at making automotive mould.

BEX                   bumper mould

Dazhuo             automotive mould

dongtaixing    auto lamp mould

yuntian             automobile mould


The composition of mold price

The composition of mold price

Mold price constituted mainly by the following aspects ;

Notes: Each factory may have their own different price , here only for reference






Raw material costs

10 %—–30%

Costs on real material


Standard Parts

10 %—–30%


Processing ten profit

30 %—–50%



10 %—–15%



3 %——– 5%


Packing and shipping




3 %



5 %——– 8%


Value added Tax


How to Make Buyers to Choose You As Mould Supplier.

Your strengths lead you to the right potential customers. There are hundreds of thousandsof mold suppliers spreading over China, among which only a few have their specialties.Purchasing people have many ways to find their right mold maker. One way is to sort out byterritory, ShangHai for automotive molds, ZheJiang big molds, ShenZhen, precision and high quality molds, DongGuan electronic Molds. Nonetheless, it doesn’t always mean you cannot find good automotive mold makers in Shenzhen, and price favorable mold makers there. Another ways is to find by the mold types. When they go online and pick your cherry up, but finally kick you out. Isn’t a real tragedy? You are almostclose to them, despite that you have the similar machine tool capabilities and CAD/CAMsoftware systems. Because you don’t offer anything to their interest and to theirrequirements, customers will give priority to those who have real strengths to theirexpectation. Your differences come into play a key role then.

Knowing what your company is good at can help sales persons do marketing better. Salespersons are not knowledgeable enough about mold making technologies; they often call their companies good and reliable mold makers, with no conscious of their real strengths. What make your company outstanding for sales? Do you have any specialties fitting their needs?Sales person should make your advertising as delicate as you can make it.Don’t make the buyers guess what you can offer. Are you losing a project to your competitor simply because your customers don’t know you are really good at it? It can be avoided if you become the first one to cut the cake. People tend to have a better image of first intruding thing. When it sounds too good to be true, they probably will buy the story.

 Mold manufacturers develop certain area of expertise over their years in business, and generally are more successful when they stick to those areas of expertise. If you specialize ininsert molds, over molding molds, two-shot molds, rotary stack molds or unscrewing mold,then go and let your customers become impressed of your strengths, make yourself orallywell-known.

Be honest about what you can offer. If you are well-aquatinted with smaller multi-cavity molds, it’s good to narrow it to such as 4, 8, 16, 32 cavities molds. It’s not impossible thatyou can successfully build a mold with 128 cavities; your customers may want to take a risk and try as you do. You’ll never lose marks by respecting the integrity; in this case you wouldn’t be cornered if the 128 cavities mold does go wrong.

Buying a mold is a complex and tedious process. If you can let the buyers know what your spotlights are, save them time, you win in the first run.



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Automotive Mold Industry Will See in a Vigorous Development

Even today in China automotive mold mainly imported , China will see in a fastest growing age in the automotive mold industry history.
The quality of the mold is reflected in automotive products, which can direct to the consumer experience is the “work” is good or bad. Domestic car inventories growing is an indisputable fact.
Compare to the auto industry,  China’s mold industry has a longer history, but walking slowly. Since the 1950s China began to produce the first trucks, we have

made our own mold. However, traditional manual mode and play imitation type, copy type of mold production made us always stay in the rough  level.So, from our own Red Flag sedans and now many brands of China-made cars, the  molds are mainly imported. The import price  is several times of local price.
Our gap in the “accuracy” . The “accuracy” is not only technically, but also the concept. For example, how to make a stretch in the press forming of steel, the product’s dimensional accuracy, material deformation, rebound, rigidity, etc. to achieve good quality, which we are still technically difficult to achieve.
Since 2000, China’s auto industry, especially the rapid development of cars, drive a car and automotive mold industry to flourish.  Last year, the number of China’s imports of CNC machine tools have become No.1 in the world. With the state’s new auto industry policy has mold on the forefront, and will be the focus of the next few years the development of industry.
The development trend of China’s mold, prospects for the future. Products such as motor vehicles and to the development of lightweight, die-casting mold ratio will continue to increase.While the die-casting mold and complexity of life will also be raised higher and higher requirements; to plastic steel, plastic wood to further speed up the process, the proportion of plastic mold will continue to increase.

bumper mold made by ASDA

China’s Automotive Mold Industry Import and Export Market Tends To Be Reasonable

In recent years, China’s automotive mold industry, especially the development of foreign trade across a big step forward. Some experts believe automotive mold exports will receive a brilliant spring. We certainly have reason to face the happy results, but we must clearly recognize the achievements and outstanding issues behind the numbers and look for reasons  carefully, take active measures in order to improve.

Foreign-funded enterprises are still the main exports

China automotive mold products accounted for 45% of total exports of Guangdong Province, the “three capital” enterprises account for a considerable amount, and is the main export. In addition to private enterprises in Zhejiang, exports account for the dominant amount of automotive mold, most of the other provinces is “three capital” enterprises as the main force. Our own business, because of the week innovation and development capacity, the overall level is inferior to the “three capital” enterprises.

This situation that automotive molds export  mainly depends  on the “three capital” enterprises should arouse enough attention.

Asda automotive mold

Huangyan molds, explorer in auto industry mold field

With the competition in auto industry become more and more fierce, carmakers need to dsign new cars to meet consumers’ different requirments, and every car needs thousands of molds to make its parts.Almost 80% molds will be abandoned when make new type cars.
China is a big manufacturing country, also in mold-producing, with enough skillful designers, programming personel, mold fitters, CNC machine operators.
Zhejiang molds factories mainly located in Ningbo and Taizhou. Taizhou huangyan is famous for plastic molds, for example, Xingtai specilized in auto molds, Meiduo specialized in house appliance molds, E-rex, specialized in pipe fitting molds.
Now Huangyan molds enterprises make great achievement in research, development and innovation. Many new technology has been widely used, such as 3D design technology and application of information management,double-color injection molding technology.
As Huangyan molds factories pay more and more attention to trained qualified employees and management, as new technology applied, Huangyan mold industry will see in a vibrant period of development.

automobile mould makers in Huangyan

There are almost 100 mould factorys who make automobile mould .

OEM Brand :  JCL mould , Xingtai Mould, Jindian Mould, Saihao Mould, Taoshi Mould, Zhenli Mould, Xiangan Mould,Zhunchi Mould

Auto Mould Maker for Market:

Anomould, Bexmould,Bestmould,Dongtaixing Mould, Chengtai mould, Dazhuo Mould, Huamei Mould,hengda mould, jihao mould, Tianhui Mould,Jija mould, Kaihao mould,Maorong Mould,Qiming Mould,Sanpu Mould,Tiansheng Mould,Xiyuan Mould,xinyi mould,yongming Mould.