China heat transfer leader —Meitian Printing Company

Meitian is a professional manufacturer of various heat transfer printing machines, heat transfer printing film, insert label, and hot stamping machines. After years of  research and persistence, Meitian is nearly become the  leader of China heat transfer printing supplier.

The reasons of  cooperation with Meitian:

1).Meitian is meeting what customer’s need, manufacturing the advanced equipment.

2).Researching and developing indendently, products are variety, and practical.

3).Paying more attention to service, using technology to solve difficult problems of customers.

4).Having advanced printing equipment, high-quality heat transfer printing film.

5).Stamping processing, mold manufacturing, one-step service.

6).Producing and marketing products by oneself. Development of the times, with each passing day, our innovation will never stop. Our belief remains the same, we will make unremitting efforts, based on the present and future. Keeping cooperation with you, we strive for the market following your success, and also win good reputation. Our hope is to leave the real profit to our customers and the long-term benifits to our parterners. We wish we could built success together and creat excellence and perfection.

The advantages of heat transfer printing machine

The advantages of heat transfer printing machine are as below:

1. Printing  steps  of heat transfer printing machine are simple
No plate, copy, repeat the chromatography steps, without all kinds of screen printing and thermal transfer models of tools, materials. Using the universal printer, you only need to prepare anordinary computer. An operating crew can be completely independent of the printing operation, the provincial manpower and resources, and the simple, instant provision requiring low onthe experience of the operating crew, as long as you understanda simple image processing software can.
2. Will not cause material damage
It not only can printed on a hard and tough on the crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, and can be printed in the texture of soft leather, fabrics, cotton and other materials; it can be printed on the inorganic, but also can be printed on ingredients complex, a great variety of organic matter. With more and better compatibility of the material, using Spring Hui, the number of jetdirect printer to avoid a screen printing, water transfer printingelection material, and also to avoid the heat transfer printing machineon theleather, fabrics, cotton and other organic material the damageproblem. It caters to the needs of market diversification, and better able to provide users with more comprehensive production services.
3. Avoid the problem of position offset encountered in manualprinting
Universal heat printer printing machine no longer follow the traditional print mode and is no longer the past simple manual and craft of printing, the better the organic integration of computer synthesis and automatic control technology and high technology content, can be very precise alignment take the printed area and location, to avoid the problem encountered by hand-printing position offset. Because it is a one-time multi-color printing, it will not chromatic bit. These advantages can also engraving, etching is very effective combination, printed in the carving area, beautiful screen, orprinted after precise etching can get a good breakthrough in the carving industry.