Chuanqi Will Attend CHINAPLAS Which Will Be Hold in SHANGHAI in April of 2012

we will attand Chinaplas which will be hold in SHANGHAI, the time is from April 18th to 21th of this year. Our booth is ECS21.

samples were be on show: Crate mould sample, basket mould sample, transparent mould, cap mould and so on.

Welcome old and new clients to visit us and talk new projects.


Chuanqi Mould Have Attend Chinaplas Which Was Hold in Guangzhou in May of 2011

Chuanqi mould have attend Chinaplas exhibition of 2011, the time is form May 17 to 20 in Guangzhou. A parts of our MOULD samples were be on show: Crate mould sample, basket mould sample, transparent mould sample, chair mould sample, pail mould sample ect.

In exhibition, our samples was be received high praise, especially for a serious ofcommodity moulds, strong quality with polish suface, we can imagine that the moulds quality is superior. A total more than 100 customers interchanged business cards with us, the inquiry reached to more than 30 each day. We get orders from Iron, India , Egypt ,American and Vietnamese.

In the same time, we also went to see mould and samples form others company, so that we can realized the mould quality in china and the development direction. Now the mould competiton is more and more fierce, but it also represent the mould company will more and more mature. So we should take the quality as the center of gravity, take the R&D as the means, make Chuanqi moulds company internationalization and win over higher reputation and trust.


How to Find A High Quality Mold Manufacturing in China

Mold manufacturing
Mold manufacturing
in china has been greatly developed during the past 15 years. During these years, Chinese mold manufacturing has gathered a lot of experience and also improved the design mentalities.


Most of the Chinese mould manufacturers are in the shortage of management, quality mentality and machining process knowledge.this is the reason that why most of themould manufacturing quality level  in China can not be the same quality as Europe.

*Mould design ability and mould design mentality
*Machining process knowledges
*Quality controlling during the whole mould manufacturing proccessing

Mould manufacturing has 3 main points:

This is meaning that if based on the good mould manufacturing equipments, moulds manufacturer need above mentioned 3 points to improve the mould manufacturing, otherwise, it is very difficult for all the Chinese mould manufacturers approach the same quality as European.

During the mold manufacturing, the 1st point is mould design, this is the 1st step. If the mould design was not correct or mistake, maybe this will cause all the efforts are useless. As because some of the mould design mistake will moulds scrapped, and some of the mistakes will increase a lot of make up jobs on the mold manufacturing, welding, structure changing??all these are hurting the moulds quality.

If the mould was perfectly designed while your machining quality can not arrive the mould cavities, cores or other components dimensions requirements, we also can not get a qualified mould. For example, CNC milling is precise, you can use a Taiwanese CNC milling machine to approach a tolerance with minu or plus 0.05mm. But if you can not use CNC milling machine well, you can never get such a tolerance during your mold manufacturing, for example the tool wear will cuase the bigger tolerance, the steel block deforming will cuase the huge tolerance??For this reason,
we need the special controlling and treatment during the CNC milling, this we call it machining process?? The CNC milling has special machining process, of course that EDM , wire cutting or lathing??all of them have their special processing.


The step by step quality controlling is most important during the whole mould manufacturing processing. As because one mistake will cause all the followed processing become wasted. The moulds manufacturer need to be sure that all the previous steps are correct. For this issue, we need be sure that none mistakes will be left to the next step.