Choosing the Right Cap Mould Maker

Now, a high attractive and glamorous cap is so popular in today’s market, which leads directly to the rapid growth of cap moulds industry.

So, it is important to find a credible and reliable cap mould maker. A good cap could suit your need in colors and designs.    

Further more, an ideal cap mould maker will gives you much more choice in the respect of quality and design.

Caps which are durable and are of high quality will come a little expensive but their long-run benefits will be very much. Meanwhile, when businessmen take this decision, a good knowledge of various kinds of materials and technologies is also important.

Professional cap mould maker in China

We can see many kinds of plastic bottle even everywhere, it’s no doubt that the demands of plastic bottle cap is very large. Because the different design manufacturers needs different cap moulds. Huangyan as the town of plastic mould, of course there are a lot good cap mould maker. Some of them all have decades of experience and can offer you satisfying cap mould.

The most deserve to be mentioned is Juneng Machine & Mould Co.,Ltd.  Many foreign customer attracted by Juneng’s fame. When they want buy cap mould and Juneng always be their first choice.

We are the members of Enterprise of China Plastics Processing in dustry Asso caition.Our company has been approved by the ISO9001 and CE certificate.

  • We are the group with many 20 years expersive mould maker, make the pet preform mould,cap mould and blow mould in huangyan.
  • We have the quality control before and after moulding, after mould test we will transport all item with vedio and documents.
  • After arrived customer company and produce, we still keep in touch and keep the draw file in our database.
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Molder in Huangyan—-Cap Mould

We all know that Huangyan is the hometown of mould, hundreds of mould manufacturers located there. But here is the question, how to find out which company is most specialized in making which kind of mould.

Here is the guide of huangyan mold makers.

Today, we are going to talk about cap mould maker in Huangyan.

Juneng Plastic Machine & Mould Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional cap mould maker.

jg--cap mould_

Zhejiang Hongzhen Machine Mould Group Co., Ltd, another famous cap mould maker in China.

hongzhen–cap mould maker

juguang–cap mould


We Dedicate to Cap Mould

A cap mould for forming by injection molding a closure cap including an end panel and a cylindrical body, said cylindrical body having a free end and an integral interrupted internal thread about a major portion of said body; said mold comprising a core for defining internal surfaces of the closure cap and including thread forming means for forming said integral thread, said core having an end and a circumferential portion free ofthread forming means defining an interruption of the thread forming means, opposing first and second mold members having an irregular parting line, said first mold member having received therein said core for relative movement axially of said core, saidcore projecting above a portion of said parting line with said first mold member along said parting line portion defining said free end of the closure cap body, said first cap mould member also having one wall portion opposing that circumferential portion ofsaid core free of thread forming means defining said interruption of the thread forming means aand further defining a part of an exterior wall of the closure cap body, and said second mold member having a wall opposing said core and forming the remainderof the exterior wall of the closure cap body and a wall opposing said core end to form the end panel of the closure cap; said first and second mold members being separable along said parting line to separate said second mold member from a molded cap tofree that portion of a molded closure cap having an internal thread, and said first mold member thereafter being movable relative to said core to strip the molded closure cap from said core with the separation of the molded cap from the first mold memberbeing automatic.

With the above and other objects in view that will hereinafter appear, the nature of the cap mould will be more clearly understood by reference to the following detailed description, the appended claims, and the several views illustrated in theaccompanying drawings.

Features of Good Cap Mould

As we all know, cap mould is widely supplied in our daily life. There are many types of cap moulds such as mineral water cap mould, beverage cap mould, 5 gallon cap mould, theft proof cap mould, shampoo cap mould,oil cap mould, sport cap mould, cosmetics cap mould, wine cap mould and so on.

Good cap mould feature

1. Adopt imported P20, 2316 etc, steel.
2. Hot runner is designed advanced and reasonably, each cavity heat controlled independently, temperature uniform.
3. Each cavity and core have independent cooling system, shorten production period.
4. Cavity can be changed, convenient to change remark of the cap.
5. The life of mould is more than 2 million times.
6. As clients’ request, design and make various specification of cap mould according to the various bottles mouth。
cap mould

Cap Mold

Cap mold, suggests that mold specialized in the manufacture of caps.
Bottle is an important part of food and drink packaging, but also consumers’ first impression of   product ,and caps also help to maintain product’s quality characteristics and stability.  It is widely applied in the  product packaging, so the cap is the key element bottle containers products of  food, drink, hotels, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, upstream, product .
Mold is used for industrial production of injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, casting or forging molding, smelting, stamping, drawing and other methods to get all the necessary products and tools for mold. In short, the mold is a tool  which used to shape articles. Different mold form different parts.  It is mainly formed by the physical state of materials to achieve the objects’ shape change  processing.