Automotive Mold Industry, Can We Seize the Future

automotive mold
Automotive  mold, especially medium-sized cover mold, the body is an important part of manufacturing technology, but also theformation of self-development capacity of a car key.
Especially in medium-sized sedan car cover mold import a large amount for many reasons: there are technical problems, there aremanagement issues, there are capacity issues, there arecollaboration problems. How to further improve the coverage of mold-made medium and large degree, the industry eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom, offer advice, a lot of ideas out.From the planning, coordination, management point of view, I think this should address two relationships. First, deal with the relationship between ability and level; the second is the totalpackage deal, collaboration between subcontractors. This articleis talking about handling ability and level of relationship.
Although not die as car is mass-produced automotive products, but the principles of lean production methods and requirements,and can learn to combine the characteristics of mold use.

How to Enter the Russia Automotive Mould Market?

It  seems Russia still in great need for automotive mould. A large part of the automotice mould is imported from Portugal, another small part is from Germany, China, Russia and other countries to export moulds. Imports from Russia’s point of view the type of mould, including plastic mould more automotive mould.
As the Russian Volga and Lada cars local momentum is not ideal, it still needs to introduce a large number of Russian America, Japan cars. But Russia’s potential purchasing power of a strong car, the government of Russia’s automotive industry has also given a positive attitude, so the prospects of Russia’s automotive industry is still very optimistic. Russia is expected to become future automotive, automotive plastic moulds, stamping dies and automotive parts automotive imports surge in demand for a country that is Russia’s household plastic mould, metal stamping die machine, automotive mould will also be with the future development of the automobile industry and increased imports.
Domestic automobile mechanical metal mould companies can refer to research in depth under the Russian market, devote themselves to innovation, brand building, look forward to a share of the Russian market competition.

automotive mould

High Demand For Automotive Mould in 2012

in 2010, China’s automobile’s production and sales both exceeded 18 million, to 18,264,700 and 18,061,900, setting a world record car sales, global sales superpower reelection. According to the  analysis, such a huge market demand will significantly drive to provide equipment for the automotive mould  industry speed the development of the automotive mold industry. Domestic automotive mould industry is only 8 billion annual production capacity to 90 billion, while China’s auto market demand for mold has reached 200 billion yuan. The rapid development of China’s automobile industry made ​​ growing demands for automotive mould industry , but also provide a huge impetus for its development. With further adjustment of the policy, in 2011 automotive mould industry  growth will flatten, the market will further intensify competition, automotive mould enterprises will face greater challenges and opportunities.

automotive mould

US plate prices continue to slip on import pressure

US plate prices continue to slip on import pressure

After stabilizing briefly in early September, US domestic plate spot prices are once again falling under tremendous pressure from the import market.

Even with relatively strong US domestic plate mill order books, steady end-use demand levels from some major plate-consuming sectors such as energy and extended lead times that are anywhere from mid-October to mid-November (depending on the mill), mills are still having a hard time keeping domestic plate spot prices firm. While the US domestic spot price range of $48.00-$50.00 cwt. ($1,058-$1,102/mt or $960-$1,000/nt) ex-Midwest mill hasn’t moved in the last two weeks, orders being placed on the lower end of the range (and a few exceptionally large tonnage orders taking place just under) have become more prominent.

The main culprit of the softening US domestic plate market is import competition–both from futures bookings and a glut of arriving imports, some of which are being sold off at about $2.00-$3.00 cwt. ($44-$66/mt or $40-$60/nt) under current domestic prices. In August, 268,335 mt (license data) of imported plate arrived in the US (both cut-to-length and coiled plate cumulatively) according to US Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis (SIMA) data, compared to 203,555 mt (census data) arriving in July. Major sources of imported plate in the US in August include Russia (16,099 mt of coiled plate and 25,587 mt of cut-length plate), Mexico (12,279 mt of coiled plate and 11,543 mt of cut-length plate), Brazil (8,464 mt of cut-length plate) and Malaysia with 8,465 mt of cut-length plate arriving in August after no recordable levels of Malaysian plate arriving in the US in the last 12 months. As for September, 130,039 mt of plate imports have already landed in the US, as of just September 20.

Furthermore, not only are US domestic plate mills competing with lower-cost import plate currently arriving into the US, but current import offer prices to the US are also considerably below US domestic spot prices. Current Russian offers have fallen about $1.00 cwt. ($22/mt or $20/nt) on the low end since early September and now range from $43.00-$45.00 cwt. ($948-$992/mt or $860-$900/nt) DDP loaded truck in US Gulf ports. Additionally, Brazilian plate offer prices, which were largely in line (and even higher in some cases) than US domestic spot prices just a few weeks ago, have now become extremely attractive in the range of $46.50-$47.50 cwt. ($1,025-$1,047/mt or $930-$950/nt) DDP loaded truck in US Gulf ports. So although the US plate market’s end-use sectors continue to be stable, imports are likely to continue to pressure domestic spot prices for at least the next few weeks, which may again edge slightly lower by early October.


Automotive lighting innovation hub inaugurated in Italy

Automotive lighting innovation hub inaugurated in Italy

By Stephen Moore
Published: September 21st, 2011

Dubbed J-RAUM (Joint Research Area University Marelli), a new research and innovation hub for automotive lighting applications has been opened by Magneti Marelli (Corbetta, Italy) at its the Agemont Centre for Technological Innovation in Amaro, Italy. J-RAUM’s focus will be on electronics, optics and injection molding.

The automotive lighting laboratory is the third instance of the Tier I supplier teaming up with academia and highlights the company’s belief that cooperation between universities and the industrial world is crucial for the development of competitive solutions for mobility and the automotive market. The objective is to focus cooperation between company and university to a specific location in order to create innovation, while training a new generation of automotive technicians.

The J-RAUM project involves students from the Universities of Udine and Trieste, including final-year students and new graduates, who will work on theses or participate in internships and apprenticeships. Bursaries and research grants will be made available, while the universities will play a significant role in technological transfer, training and teaching activity.

Students and research associates will have the chance to work side-by-side with Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting technicians and university professors on industrial issues, and to effectively prepare themselves for the professional world. Magneti Marelli, on the other hand, has the opportunity to attract young talented people with whom to develop innovative projects aimed at identifying new technological solutions and new business opportunities.

Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting has a significant industrial presence in Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia region through the Tolmezzo (UD) plant, which employs 800 workers and supplies rear lights to leading global carmakers, with a special focus, due to its geographical location, on high technology lamps for premium manufacturers in the German region.


How to Make Buyers to Choose You As Mould Supplier.

Your strengths lead you to the right potential customers. There are hundreds of thousandsof mold suppliers spreading over China, among which only a few have their specialties.Purchasing people have many ways to find their right mold maker. One way is to sort out byterritory, ShangHai for automotive molds, ZheJiang big molds, ShenZhen, precision and high quality molds, DongGuan electronic Molds. Nonetheless, it doesn’t always mean you cannot find good automotive mold makers in Shenzhen, and price favorable mold makers there. Another ways is to find by the mold types. When they go online and pick your cherry up, but finally kick you out. Isn’t a real tragedy? You are almostclose to them, despite that you have the similar machine tool capabilities and CAD/CAMsoftware systems. Because you don’t offer anything to their interest and to theirrequirements, customers will give priority to those who have real strengths to theirexpectation. Your differences come into play a key role then.

Knowing what your company is good at can help sales persons do marketing better. Salespersons are not knowledgeable enough about mold making technologies; they often call their companies good and reliable mold makers, with no conscious of their real strengths. What make your company outstanding for sales? Do you have any specialties fitting their needs?Sales person should make your advertising as delicate as you can make it.Don’t make the buyers guess what you can offer. Are you losing a project to your competitor simply because your customers don’t know you are really good at it? It can be avoided if you become the first one to cut the cake. People tend to have a better image of first intruding thing. When it sounds too good to be true, they probably will buy the story.

 Mold manufacturers develop certain area of expertise over their years in business, and generally are more successful when they stick to those areas of expertise. If you specialize ininsert molds, over molding molds, two-shot molds, rotary stack molds or unscrewing mold,then go and let your customers become impressed of your strengths, make yourself orallywell-known.

Be honest about what you can offer. If you are well-aquatinted with smaller multi-cavity molds, it’s good to narrow it to such as 4, 8, 16, 32 cavities molds. It’s not impossible thatyou can successfully build a mold with 128 cavities; your customers may want to take a risk and try as you do. You’ll never lose marks by respecting the integrity; in this case you wouldn’t be cornered if the 128 cavities mold does go wrong.

Buying a mold is a complex and tedious process. If you can let the buyers know what your spotlights are, save them time, you win in the first run.



This post provided by Christina from KeSan Mold & Plastic

Foreign Capital Company Competing for Auto New Energy Marketing

The tendency of automotive industry as a whole is more gentle in 2011 has become an indisputable fact, and a major factor restricting automobile consumption is  –  oil prices. Therefore, the market’s  demand for new energy vehicles is increasing, the OEMs are also  make efforts of development of new energy vehicles, in order to seize market share. Faced with this situation, the foreign parts companies are increasing investment in new energy research and development components to meet the vehicle package. In contrast, the domestic brands, but the performance of parts enterprises is not satisfactory.

In the just-released first into the 2011 China’s auto industry, “Zhen election” re-evaluation phase of the business activities of an interview survey, 90 percent of foreign-funded enterprises are increasing year by year, the new energy R & D efforts, a small number of non-core parts manufacturers also moving in a low-carbon, environmentally friendly direction, and gradually transition to new energy. The own-brand parts and components enterprises may see the development potential of new energy sources, but because of their understanding of the technology is still some gaps in the development of face layers of obstacles.On the other hand, in supporting the field of vehicle, its own brand parts enterprises have not really adapted vehicle technology, changes in the structure, less understanding in this regard, it restricted the development of independent brands.

In order to shorten the gap between domestic and foreign auto parts enterprises, and further support the development of own brand components, in the first half, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (Amendment Draft)”, in which key components for new energy vehicles shares than doing a clear: foreign investment in shares of no more than 50%.Introduction of this policy, for the development of foreign parts enterprises in China had no small impact. However, whether this move would be the local parts enterprises in the development of new energy sources play a role in promoting it? Reporters entering the “Zhen election” re-evaluation of the local parts enterprises made a survey, the results of local enterprises generally believe that the policy has some guiding role in foreign parts companies competing to occupy the Chinese market situation, a certain degree of reduced inhibition of its own brand.On the other hand, some companies said that in China there are still parts technical short board, under the premise that foreign policy will not lead to the development of new energy vehicles moved to other areas, which led to its own brand of technical weakness ?

For now, this is a technology to market or to the game, the effect will not be revealed shortly. However, we can see that countries in the “five-second” period of China’s auto parts market, the degree of attention. This independent parts in terms of brand, is an unprecedented opportunity, at the technical level of precipitation, will create a leap in the local parts industry.Therefore, foreign capital accounted for most of the market share in the case, we can look forward to its own brand in the new energy field force.

China automotive panel mold technology has made three major advances

In recent years, technological advances of automotive panel mold are mianly in the following three aspects:

1.Equipment has been greatly improved

Whether it is new or old business enterprises, all have purchased a large number of advanced CNC without exception to advance automotive panel mold. Such as large gantry-type machining centers and CNC milling, anvanced large-scale measuring and test equipment and multi-axis CNC laser cutting machines.

2.Design and process technology has been greatly improved
In recent years, companies have been using more and morethree-dimensional CAD, and some companies have 100 percent application. At the same time, CAE technology has been widely used. Just like the CAE software from abroad, after asecond development, the application has been greatly improved. In the other hand,  the self-developed, proprietary, advancedCAE software has been successfully applied in production.

3.Mold has been greatly improved
As the level of equipment and processing technology to improve design, coupled with the improvement of the quality of personneland new technology in recent years, the level of domestic automotive panel mold also will be greatly improved. International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui said that raising the level of mold is multifaceted, which reflected in the whole mold manufacturing process. The mold we can’t produce in the past while now we have the ability. Now the difficult overall including fenders and side automotive panels of the mid-range cars.