Apple Loves Plastics?

Iphone 5C was officially launched on September 10. Just like it is expected before, the body of which made of plastics looks cheaply in some of their fans’ eyes.

The polycarbonate housing was solemnly introduced in this press conference: “It is an extraordinarily rigid structure and has a solid, dense feel that you would not expect from a plastic product.”  

As a leader of high-tech industry, Apple is always pursuing innovation in both technology and new types of materials. Just like the polycarbonate, as a member of the family of plastics, it’s lightweight, strong, and cost effectively-this materials can be injection molded into some complex shapes and it can be went into mass production.

Apple loves plastics. This trend will probably become more widespread over the coming years with advances in technology.

How is Motorcycle Windshield Made?

1.Polycarbonate (PC), a molding material, usually used in making motor windshield. The    reasons are as follows, Polycarbonate is a new thermoplastic engineering plastic, which has been hailed as a “transparent metal” with excellent transparency.
 Compared to other plastics, polycarbonate is hard and strong, who has strong impact resistance and excellent insulation and heat proof and good dimensional stability.   
2. Motor windshield can get their anticipated results through injection molding and extrusion molding, so it is now developing very rapidly.
3. Different equipments have different prices. You can check the price of injection machine and extrusion equipment through market or the internet.
4. The technology of motor windshield is nearly the same as ordinary plastic parts.

Both Simple and Complex-Die Casting

Die casting could be both simple and complex. Die casting generally uses zinc, aluminum, and magnesium, copper, lead, and tin, and now zinc die casting is more widespread.

When it compared to other manufacturing process, die casting could be designed according to customer’s preference and some special request. Briefly, die casting is a procedure of molding definite shapes moulds under high pressure.

Why say it simple? It could be conclude into a few simple steps.

Mold Lubricant is the first step to control temperature. The next is to insert the molten metal to the die under high pressure. Keeping pressure until the metal is hardened, then stripping moulds from die cavity. Finally is to clean up the mould’s surface.

Some Secrets Of The Windshield

  There is something you didn’t know about your motor windshield, it is much more than a piece of glass and it is an important part of your motor safety equipment,   

  A high quality motor windshield could provide you adequate protection. in the previous years, people use regular glass as the windshield, which seems very danger when it shattered into pieces, because the windshield is made of tempered glass, the one made of two pieces of glass with a plastic film inside, which will reduce much of the dangerous, that causes a great deal of difference to the regular glass.

  Not all windshields are made of transparent glass. For some colored glass, it is quit easy for people to see the paper behind your windshield-it won’t be impacted by the color at all.

One EDM Machine Meets Stamping Die Makers’ Needs

Company director Nick Moth says C&M’s tool modification service is a matter of providing local support for customers. His company uses customer-supplied CAD data to alter stamping die to the correct standard. Many projects involve large mould tools, for which a purpose-built factory area with suitable cranes was constructed.

Moth cites its design as one significant advantage of an ONA EDM machine. Because its head moves, rather than the table, large moulds such as those for automotive grilles and bumpers, which exceed the capacity of the tank, can be supported outside of the tank, and the machine operator can work just on the area of the tool that needs repair or modification. The stamping die is static, so its weight does not affect the machine’s dynamic performance or positional accuracy. Also, one of the ONA machines, modified to C&M’s specification, has an additional 200 mm in the z-axis, allowing deep stamping die to be machined.

Current Development and status of China’s SMC mould industry

As we all know, the  mould is “the mother of industry, the SMC mould is the most important

part  process technology and equipment related to

car and motorcycle, electrical appliances, IT products, light industrial products, medical

devices and other industries, is the basis for industrial

development. Therefore SMC mould developed serious impact on the development of

various industries.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of SMC mould

industry and SMC mould technology, vigorous support SMC mould companies to guide a

right good SMC mould industry development, to give policy support. China’s SMC mould

industry output value of more than 1800 billion yuan in 2011, declining global demand for

SMC mould, China SMC mould still contrarian and strong competitiveness. China SMC

mould manufacturing machine income level overall continue to improve some part of the

product has been close to or reached the international level, to occupy an increasingly

important position in the pattern of international procurement.

SMC mould companies in China, in general, mainly small and medium enterprises,

really on the row number in the international large enterprises, very few. SMC mould of

China’s exports, mainly to middle and low SMC mould-based, high-grade die competitiveness is still very low. China’s SMC mould industry must

pick up the pace, lead by industry leaders to drive the development of SMEs, give SMEs

greater room for development, to foster the development of small and medium-sized

enterprises, rather than forming a vicious cycle within the industry, to suppress SME.

Due to the strong support of the country, China’s SMC mould industry has formed a

unique SMC mould production base industry clusters, providing a platform for the scientific

development of SMC mould companies, the innovation capacity of enterprises is also rising,

with a number of independent intellectual property rights, China’s SMC mould companies has

strong competitiveness in the future

As China’s domestic demand continues to increase, it can be expected that China’s

SMC mould industry will continue to have a large growth in 2013. Especially in the

automotive industry, has led to the rapid development of China’s SMC mould industry,

promoting the rapid transformation of the SMC mould companies in China.

Cute Plastic Dustbin and Plastic Stool

Nowadays, plastic products are full filling in our life, like plastic dustbin, plastic stool.

But now people are not satisfy with plastic products only are useful, also they are should be beautiful. Here I would like to show you some cut plastic dustbin and plastic stool pictures.

Cute plastic stools


plastic stool






Plastic foldable stool

plastic stools






plastic dustbin






plastic dustbin